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OME! Ok... Twilight... clip... movie awards... Edward... James...
Breathe. Breathe.
Ok. I'm fine. Completely composed.
But omg! We're getting an exclusive full scene this sunday (Well, it'll be monday for me.... but still...) So WOW! Its the ballet scene, which I think is a bit weird. Who shows the climax to a film? But its probably be just a part of it, not all of it... maybe. But, I really cannot wait! My patience is wearing thin.
All I have to say is thank God for MTV and Larry. Larry is officially the coolest man on this planet. Anyhoo, when I found out I started giggling, and my little sister (She's 10 and more mature than me...) just looked at me and asked why I was laughing. I just shook my head and smiled liked a raving lunatic. She removed herself from the room slowly, not wanting to shock me. I think I scared her...
Anyhoo, how fantastic?
And the first chapter of Breaking Dawn is popping up all over the place, including on EW.com. I really liked it even though I know some people think it reads like 'bad fanfiction' I have to disagree, but everyone has their own opinion. I think that, in the end, you'll either like it or you won't. Hopefully most will like it, and I think SM's fans will like it.
Ok, I'm finished now! Bye


Ok, so this is a bit late but I've been pretty busy with school work and what not so here goes...

OME! The trailer! Ah-mazing. Absolutely amazing. Rob is perfect for Edward, he IS Edward! And Kristen as Bella- perfect. The feel of the whole thing is wonderful, it seems so... real. And him saving her from the van? Wowzers!
And he really looks like he wants to eat her and/or kiss her... its hard to tell... which is great! Anyhoo, YAY! I had a complete and utter panic attack when I watched it (so glad I was alone at the time otherwise people would have thought I was a crazy person! hehe)

Now onto the poster... I was a bit iffy about it at first, but then it has certainly grown on me! At first I thought it looked too... photoshopped, but then I realised that a lot of movie posters are like that. And I like that he looks so protective over her. She looks young and innocent in it, which is good.

Have you all seen how many articles are appearing on the net about the film? There are LOADS! Its great that the movie is getting so much publicity so early on! And they're planning on filming New Moon and Eclipse simultaneously? YAY!

I bought the Host last week, and i'm up to chapter 18! I'm planning on getting through the rest this weekend hopefully, if I don't have too much work on. I'm really enjoying it. I love SM's style of writing, its so emotive and free-flowing. I like the characters, and I think the story line is good. Of course, Twilight will always be my first love, but this is definitely up there with New Moon and Eclipse!

So, overall a very good couple of weeks! lol


So... yeh... HI!
I'm jam_everyday, and I'm 18 years old and this is my livejournal! Woo!
I'm currently at school but I'll be leaving very soon, YAY!
I created this account so I could get my thoughts out about stuff... you know... I'll talk about whatever really. My life, entertainment, news, you know, stuff...
I sound really eloquent, don't I? lol. Don't worry, it'll get better- hopefully. I just have no idea what to write now, and I really should be doing my school essay-- Thomas Aquinas can't write about himself now can he?
But hey, I'd much rather be doing this to be honest.
I'll post a new entry when I can... I'll probably talk about books and movies and stuff...
So yup, thats about it...



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